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Year 2 & Year 4 Christmas Party Thursday 12th December
Owston Park Primary Academy

Class lessons

The children took part in a sponsored circuit to raise money for the NSPCC and school. They did ten health and fitness activities in very warm weather and they performed really well. Well done!
The children have been doing gymnastics on the apparatus in their 'Real Gym' lessons.
Y2 'Real' P.E. lesson focusing on dynamic balance -  agility card number 6.
Here are photos of Year 3 in a gymnastics lesson working in pairs performing balances, shapes, travel, flight and rotations.
In this Year 4 gymnastics lesson, the children were focusing on balance and shapes on low apparatus.

Year 5 hockey lessons.

These photos show Year 6 in a 'Real Gym' lesson focusing on partner work on shapes, flight, rotation, balance and travel.
In this Year 6 lesson, the children were focusing on hand-eye co-ordination, outwitting opponents and team work. The seated volleyball game enabled the children to put the skills they had learned in to a competitive game situation.
Here are Year 6 in a gymnastics lesson, focusing on making shapes, balance, performing movements in flight and rotation by using the hand-held apparatus.