30 Days Wild Activities

30 Days Wild!

Daily activities and inspiration for you and the whole family to take part in and be at one with nature this June. Every day of June you can do something wild and fun so you can enjoy the great outdoors and learn a little more about the wonderful nature around us.

Thanks to the Wildlife Trust for designing this programme, you can find more information and activities at their website here:


Starting with Mindfulness Monday: Nature-inspired Yoga and meditation

In addition to other wild activities, you can download and take part in the range of activities below:

Introductory documents (calendar, etc.)

Colour Me Calendar

30 Days Wild Colouring Poster

30 Days Wild Bingo Card

Design a Bird

Egg Carton Creatures

Make Your Own Binoculars

Make Your Own Bird's Nest

Study a Mini Beast

Race For A Rainbow

Natural Sounds Map

My A-Z of Nature

101 Random Acts of Wildness

Random Acts of Wildness Flash Cards

Fancy seeing more of nature but can't get outside? Check out these Wonderfully Wild Webcams!


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