KS2-targeted Mine Craft Challenges

Fancy an academic challenge centred around the world of Mine Craft? Do you want to face KS2-focused challenges in order to save Earth and help Jesse defeat The Admin?

Then step up and download the files below to begin!


Attack of The Atrocious Admin 

See the source image

HELP! The Admin from Mine Craft has found a way into our world and has got his hands on the ‘codex’. This codex gives him power over the natural world; he can do almost anything! Cause natural disasters, change biomes, crush global trade and more devious and dastardly things.

Only you have the power to help Jesse defeat The Admin and save Earth! Will you help him?

See the source image

You will need:

  • Internet access (Geography books and Atlases could substitute)
  • scissors and glue (optional)
  • paper and pen (optional but recommended)
  • Heroic perseverance and integrity
  • The following documents:

Attack of The Admin - main document

Continents and Oceans cut and stick starter task

Continents map labelling sheet

Differentiated solar system labelling sheet

Human Geography activity sheet

Phases of the Moon activity sheet

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