Remote Education Journey

Year 3's Remote Education Journey...

Year 3 are working so very hard at home and Miss Dickinson and Miss Sherburn are so proud of EVERYONE! 

We are receiving some really wonderful pieces of work. Please keep checking back here to see a sample of the wonderful learning that is currently taking place as the weeks go by...


Week 1 - We started our new class novel , "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" and began to explore the main characters. In Maths, we learnt about length and perimter. We also started learning about our new topic, Ancient Greece.


Week 2 - This week, we started to focus on fairy-tales as there is one told in our class novel - we created a story board of this fairy tale, and then planned and wrote our own. We continued with our length and perimter work in Maths. We learnt about Greek vases in History/Art and even designed our own. We had a French lesson and recapped on how to count to 10, and we also started a new unit in Science - learning about Plants.


Week 3 - In our class novel, one of the main characters goes on a journey on the HMS Queen Mary, so we have started to plan a non-chronological report about this famous ship. We have done our own research, planned and began to write the report, making sure we include all of the features. We have started a new Maths Mastery unit - Multiplication and Division, focusing on commutative law and inverse operations. We continued with our Science unit and learnt about the parts of a plant and their functions. In French, we learnt some classroom instructions.

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