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Owston Park Primary Academy


Welcome to Foundation 2!

Meet our team


Red Class                                                                                           

Class Teacher - Miss Dodson                                                                 

LSA - Miss Clark

LSA - Miss Arfa


Blue Class

Class Teacher - Miss Reason

LSA - Miss Smith

LSA - Miss Clark

LSA - Mrs Kerrigher


Class cover - Miss Molyneux



A day in the life of Foundation!

Using our reading and writing skills in RWI.



In Maths we use practical equipment to explore and learn about number, shape and measure.


The children exploring weight using their bodies and weighing scales.




Children accessing provision in an afternoon both inside and out.

The writing table looks busy!



Using our Phonics skills!



The children busy building an obstacle course.



We go out in all weathers.






Our adventures in the forest school!

We complete activities linked to our week's hook book.





Our topic this term is 'Who you gonna call!' 

Will be learning all about different people who help us and how.


Mr Richardson came to tell us all about his job.


Mrs Stogdale came in to talk to us about her job in the school kitchen.


Mrs Topliss taught us all about road safety. Then we practiced what we had learnt...