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Miss Fletcher

Welcome to the Nursery Class Page!

Nursery Team:

Miss N Fletcher - Nursery Class Teacher / Early Years Leader

Mrs J Allen - Nursery Nurse

Mrs J Roberts and Mrs K Pickering - 1:1 Support Assistants

Mrs D Evans - HLTA (PPA Cover on Tuesdays)


Nursery Session Times:

Morning Nursery 8.15am - 11.15am

Afternoon Nursery 12.15pm - 3.15pm


Important Information:

Forest Friday

Forest School session - every Friday. Please send your child to nursery wearing wellies and weather appropriate, old clothing that is suitable for the outdoors (see 'Our Forest School' tab at the top of the page).

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Library Visit

In Nursery we love books and want our children to develop a love of books and stories. Every Wednesday we visit our school library where the children can choose a book to take home and share with their family. Nursery Library is every Wednesday, please send your child's book bag on this day.

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Stay and Play.jpg

In Nursery we love to build relationships and work with our parents as much as we can. 'Walk-in Wednesdays' are a walk-in session every Wednesday where parents can stay and play alongside their child for the first 45 minutes of the session. It's great for our parents to be able to work alongside their children in our fantastic learning environment.

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Barnaby Bear's Bedtime Stories

Our class bear is called Barnaby and one lucky child each week gets to take Barnaby Bear home to enjoy a weekend of fun, topped off with a story time with some of our favourite books. Maybe you could even enjoy them with a glass of milk or hot chocolate at bedtime!

Barnaby Bear.jpg


We are a read-a-lot, talk-a-lot and sing-a-lot nursery. Our children are immersed in singing, nursery rhymes and quality texts / stories right from their starting point at school!


Curriculum Design

EYFS Curricular Goals:

EYFS Curricular Goals 2021.jpg

Our curricular goals provide a stimulus to enhance our children's imagination, creativity and curiosity. We follow our children's interests and plan various enhancements to the continuous provision that ensure broad and balanced coverage of the EYFS framework and enable our children to develop the skills required to achieve the EYFS milestones. All our curricular goals are underpinned by the importance of developing children's speech and language.

Please refer to the 'Files to Download' tabs at the bottom of the page for tips to help your child at home and our EYFS Curriculum Design Documents.


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Our amazing learning environment...

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Reading area 3.jpg

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Our learning journey in Nursery...


November 2023

17.11.23 - Today is Children in Need 2023! We have been talking about why we raise money and how we can help other people. We have enjoyed lots of Pudsey Bear themed activities that have also helped us to develop our fine motor and creative skills. 

CIN PM 171123.jpg

We have had lots to celebrate in Nursery this month! We have been learning about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate on 5th November each year and we have also been learning about Diwali, the festival of lights!

Diwali web.jpg

Sparks in the sky(1).jpg

October 2023

In Nursery we love being expressive and imaginative. We had so much fun dressing up and dancing during our Spooky Party this month. We have also enjoyed exploring and using pumpkins as part of our play. We have discussed their different shapes and sizes, explored and investigated what is inside a pumpkin and used the seeds to develop our fine motor skills.

We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt 301023.jpg


Spooky party for website.jpg

September 2023

We are so excited to be back at school and starting a new school year! These first few weeks we will be settling into nursery, exploring the indoor and outdoor provision, getting to know each other and the routines of the nursery session. 

PM 1st day photos 2023.jpg

AM 1st day photos 2023.jpg


May 2023

This week our hook book is ‘King Charles' and we have been finding out what the word 'coronation' means and what will happen at the King's coronation this weekend. We have all made a crown for our own coronation as part of our celabratory tea party on Friday 5th May. As historians, we have also been looking back and finding out about kings and queens from the past.

King's Coronation Party 05.05.23.jpg

January 2023

This week our hook book is ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’.
We have loved the story and finding out all about the different planets, the creatures that live on them and the amazing names for the plants and fruits there.
We have been mixing purple paint and exploring purple playdough to make and paint the ‘Smoo-Smed’ baby!
As astronomers, we have been learning about space, exploring moon rocks and looking at non-fiction books about planets.

I wonder how many purple things the children can find at home? ?

The smeds & Smoos 090123.jpg


December 2022

Christmas has arrived in Nursery! This week is the start of December and we have arrived at Nursery to discover some very large, snowy footprints trailing through our classroom! After careful investigation we decided that some magic had taken place during the night! The story we have been reading this week in Nursery is called 'Little Robin Red Vest'. We found that all our story work had been displayed along with lots of beautiful festive decorations.

It has been a very magical week!

Christmas has arrived 2022.jpg


November 2022

Following the children's interest in their local food restaurant, and enjoying role playing based on their own first hand experiences, we decided to create our own 'McDonalds Drive Thru'. This has encouraged so much amazing learning. We have developed our communication skills and our gross motor skills by using the balance bikes to access the drive thru windows. We have used the language of numbers, counting, money, weight, size and we have also enjoyed mark making as we take each others orders.



This week our hook book is 'Room on the Broom'.

Following the children's keen interest in halloween and pumpkins this week, we have decided to use our left over pumpkins to aid our learning. We are developing our fine motor skills by using tweezers to pick out the pumpkin seeds, developing our language skills by describing and comparing the different varieties of pumpkins and developing our mark making skills by decorating pumpkins with paint! We have also enjoyed exploring and investigating the pumpkins, creating potions and recipes in the water area and mud kitchen!

As storytellers, we have also been retelling and making up our own version of the story 'Room on the Broom' using story vocabulary and props such as brooms and cauldrons.

Room on th Broom 311022 pumpkin crafts.jpg

Pumpkin soup.jpg


October 2022

This week our forest school was transformed into a pumpkin patch and we all went pumpkin picking!

As mathematicians, we used mathematical vocabulary to describe the size, shape and weight of the pumpkins. We also used our maths skills to weigh and pay for the pumpkins that we picked. As good team players, we worked together using our gross motor skills to stack, push and pull the pumpkins on the trailers and wheelbarrows.

Later, we worked with our adults in small groups to explore what is inside a pumpkin, discussing the flesh and the seeds.We carved out a hole in the top, hung the pumpkins by string from the trees to create bird feeders.

Pumpkin picking forest school 191022.jpg



Our hook book this week is 'The Gingerbread Man'. As bakers, we decided to make our own gingerbread men. We looked at a recipe together, weighed out our ingredients and enjoyed smelling the cinnamon and ginger spices. We then used our fine motor skills to roll out the dough and cut out the gingerbread shapes. After waiting for them to bake in the oven, we enjoyed eating them at snack time.

Luckily our gingerbread men didn't run away!

Gingerbread man baking 201022.jpg

September 2022

This week we are learning about the amazing season of Autumn! We have been outdoor explorers and collected lots of autumnal treasures! We’ve found conkers, sycamore seeds, acorns and lots of beautiful, brightly coloured leaves.

When we got back to nursery we enjoyed this week’s hook book story ‘Leaf Man’. We have decided to use our leaves to make our own leaf people! ??

Awesome Autumn 031022.jpg


We are so excited to be back at school and starting a new school year! These first few weeks we will be settling into nursery, exploring the indoor and outdoor provision, getting to know each other and the routines of the nursery session. 

1st week in Nursery for website sept 22.jpg

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