Nursery 2020 - 2021

Miss Fletcher

Welcome to Nursery!


Important Information:

Nursery Staff:

Miss N Fletcher - Nursery Class Teacher / Early Years Leader

Mrs J Allen - Nursery Nurse

Miss A Ellery - Learning Support Assisstant

Mrs J Roberts - Learning Support Assistant


Nursery Session Times:

Morning Nursery 8.15am - 11.15am

Afternoon Nursery 12.15pm - 3.15pm


  • 'Into the Woods Wednesday' Forest School session - every Wednesday. Please send your child to nursery wearing wellies and warm, old clothing that is suitable for the outdoors. 


  • Nursery Library is every Friday. Please only send your child's book bag on this day.


Nursery Topics:

Our topics provide a stimulus to enhance the children's imagination, creativity and curiosity. We follow childrens interests and plan various enhancements to the continuous provison that enable children to develop the skills required to achieve the termly milestones.


Autumn 1: We Are Unique / Autumn 2: We Like To Celebrate

The stories and information books used to 'hook' the children each week during Autumn Term will be about themes such as; relationships, friendship, kindness, families, Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Autumn Term 1 Skills:

Listen to rhymes and stories, respond to a question when given a choice of 2 things, understand simple concepts e.g wet/dry & fast/slow, begin to use verbs and adjectives in my speech, communicate my wishes using gestures, show developing control in my gross motor movements, begin to show a developing hand preference, indicate my self-care needs, begin to recognise danger, demonstate growing confidnece when leaving my carer to come into nursery, willing to explore new things, seek out familiar adults for support, I can join in with the correct action, show an interest in illustrations, use my thumb and forefinger to hold small objects, show an interest in numbers, use number names when playing, begin to catergorise objects, anticipate time based events e.g. snack-time, identify places I have been, use resources to represent technology e.g. brick as a phone, make models, engage in pretend play with others.

Autumn 2 skills:

I can listen to others when talking, I can use the present tense to make comments, I can use an increasing range of words, I can use words to request a resource, I can show increasing confidence when moving in a range of ways, i can show increasing control when using tools such as scissors to snip, I can show independence with self-care skills, I can interact with other children, I can use story talk in my play, I can repeat words in a story or rhyme, I can make lines and circles when mark-making, I can use language such as 'some' or 'alot' when playing, I can show that im beginning to understnad simple positional language such as under, on and in, i am beginning to understand evryday language about measures, I am being to understand about the world around me, operate technological toys, begin to move in response to music and engage in imaginative role play.


Our learning in Nursery so far...

W/B 16th November 2020

One of today's home learning challenges was to make 5 currant buns. The children then had to give 5 teddies a penny each and act out the number song with them. The children have been so busy and are doing so well with their counting skills!

The children in Nursery have been working so hard on their home learning challenges this week during self-isolation. As it is World Nursery Rhyme Week, I set the children a challenge to learn some classic nursery rhymes and then present their favourite rhyme in a creative way. They have also been learning about rhyming words and alliteration. 

The children have also been hunting for shapes, holding 'maths meetings' and learning about positional language!

11th November 2020

This week we have been learning about and celebrating Diwali - The Festival of Lights!

We decided to make Rangoli patterns on the ground in the forest school using coloured sand and natural materials.

4th November 2020

We have been on a 'leaf hunt' and collected lots of different autumnal coloured leaves. We used them to make leaf pictures. We also decorated old cds to hand from the trees!

We love to collect natural ingredients to cook in our mud kitchen. Mud pies and pine cone cakes are definitely our favourites!

We collected sticks to build a campfire then pretended to toast marshmallows!

We enjoyed decorating bird houses and putting them high in the branches to give the birds a place to rest and take shelter.

21st October 2020

Pumpkin Bird Feeders!

We have had so much fun this week in the Forest School making eco-friendly bird feeders from pumpkins. We worked together in groups to hollow them out and put seeds back inside for the wildlife to feast on!

We also enjoyed retelling this week's class story - 'Room on the Broom' and building dens for the Gruffalo to live in!

14th October 2020

Awesome Autumn!

We have really enjoyed finding out about the natural world changes around us as the seasons change. We are loving the bright colours that the Autumn time brings.

We have created lots of different autumn art for our seasonal display - 'Awesome Autumn'. We have enjoyed leaf printing, mixing autumnal colours and collaging autumn leaves.

September 2020

In Nursery we work hard to become super writers!

We use our finger gym to help develop our fine motor skills in order for us to become super writers!


How you can help at home

  • Sing and say nursery rhymes with your child on a regular basis! "If a child knows 8 nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are 4 years old, they are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are 8".
  • Encourage counting by counting as you climb stairs at home, in the supermarket etc. Notice and talk about numbers in the environment e.g. looking at numbers on doors, numbers on buses, numbers in shops etc.
  • Practise oral blending by saying some sounds such as c/u/p and see whether your child can pick out a cup from a group of objects. For segmenting practise you could hold up an object such as a sock and ask your child which sounds they can hear in the word sock?
  • Focus on the initial sounds of words by playing activities including I-spy and matching objects which begin with the same sounds e.g. glittery glass and sucky spaghetti.
  • Help develop your child's fine motor skills by playing with playdough, using tweezers to pick up small objects, tread pasta onto laces, make marks in shaving foam / sand.


Letters and Sounds Phase One

Please find below the link for the ‘Letters and Sounds Phase one’ document. This contains lots of information about how nursery age children learn to use the alphabet for reading and spelling.

Phase one activities concentrate on developing children’s speaking and listening skills, phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting.

The activities within phase one pave the way for children to make a good start in reading and writing.

There are lots of activities that can be done at home using resources found in the house or just using body / voice sounds.


Rhymers Are Readers - Mr Tumble Nursery Rhymes

Click link above for 15 minutes of Mr Tumble singing and signing lots of well loved nursery rhymes. Have a go and join in!

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