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Skills that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.



Mrs Luke, our Life Skills leader, says...

"I am delighted to be the leader of life skills! These skills are extremely important to our children as they collectively bring together all previously learned skills - from both classroom-based lessons and direct life experiences – and enable children to effectively handle a multitude of situations encountered in daily life. I genuinely love to see the classroom come alive with discussions about real-life scenarios and to see children marvel at the way their learning contributes to healthy societies and develops them as happy individuals."


At Owston Park, we believe that education is about developing well-rounded children. Our Disadvantaged Pupil Policy is a cornerstone of what we do and, as a result of this, we have developed our own bespoke Life Skills Programme. Through the completion of this programme, we aim to ensure that children are provided with the opportunity to develop holistically as well as academically.

Children are provided with a 'passport', which travels up through school with them. Each year, they have a series of progressive milestones to meet in order to be ready for the next year group. Each objective fits one of our six life skills; Independence, Safety, Responsibility, Citizenship, Budgeting and Cooking & Nutrition. Studies have shown that children who have good quality life skills education are significantly more resilient, more likely to participate in civil society, less likely to face mental health problems and more likely to be upwardly socially mobile.

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What could you be when you grow up? (Careers)


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