Art and Design

Art is using imagination and skill to create. 




Our Art and Design lead is Mrs Walton and Miss Turker.

Mrs Walton says:

“I have always loved being creative and using different materials and resources to produce final pieces. I enjoyed art and design in school and followed this all the way to GCSE level.”

Miss Turker says: 

"What I love about art is the amount of freedom you have; your imagination can be translated onto a blank canvas, how amazing is that? Art has always been my favourite topic to learn and teach. During my childhood, you would often find me drawing on a peice of paper, surrounded by colouring pencils and often, a pot of glitter. Evidently, I followed my passion for drawing up to GCSE level which equipt me with a fundamental set of skills and knoweldge that I reflect on still to this day. Having the chance to teach art to children is simply amazing; watching their pieces of artwork and creativity unfold can be truly magical. I strongly believe that art is so important for children as it engages and inspires them. It also has several other benefits for children such as reducing stress and boosting their confidence."


The Art Curriculum at Owston Park


          Our Art and Design Roadmap:

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