Religious Education

R.E is the study of different religions



Our Religious Education subject lead, Miss Sherburn says:

“I was so excited to become subject lead in RE. I trained at university in Citizenship, PSHE and Religious Education because I believe so strongly that only through learning about subjects such as these will our children grow and develop into respectful, tolerant and open-minded global citizens, able to actively participate confidently in our ever-changing, richly diverse world”.


Key Skills and Critical thinking

All primary schools need to “raise the status of RE” (Ofsted) and provide an RE curriculum which promotes respect and empathy. At Owston Park Primary Academy,  RE is considered to be a vital part of a child’s education because it allows young people to develop their beliefs and values.  It helps children understand the place of religion and belief in the world.  The teaching of RE is also important because it contributes educationally to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils. Our R.E. curriculum is delivered through drop down days on a 2 year cycle - in the first year, children learn about the different religions, and in the second year children apply their knowledge of these religions to learn from religion - to help them to learn about the modern world and debate philosophical questions. 

Key Concepts in R.E:

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Click here to download our RE Knowledge Organisers:

Year 1/2 Buddhism

Year 3/4 Buddhism

Year 5/6 Buddhism


Year 1/2 Judaism

Year 3/4 Judaism

Year 5/6 Judaism


Year 1/2 Christianity

Year 3/4 Christianity

Year 5/6 Christianity 


Year 1/2 Islam

Year 3/4 Islam

Year 5/6 Islam


Year 1/2 Sikhism

Year 3/4 Sikhism 

Year 5/6 Sikhism


Year 1/2 Hinduism

Year 3/4 Hinduism Coming Soon!

Year 5/6 Hinduism 


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