Religious Education

At Owston Park Primary Academy we study the six main world religions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

Each child learns about the beliefs and practices associated with each religion, how belief impacts upon followers and how it affects a person's daily life.

We have 'RE Drop Down Days' each half term where children focus upon one specific religion throughout the day and are able to have an immersive learning experience, learning both about and from that particular religion. 



Click here to download our RE Knowledge Organisers:

Year 1/2 Buddhism

Year 3/4 Buddhism

Year 5/6 Buddhism


Year 1/2 Judaism

Year 3/4 Judaism

Year 5/6 Judaism


Year 1/2 Christianity

Year 3/4 Christianity

Year 5/6 Christianity 


Year 1/2 Islam

Year 3/4 Islam

Year 5/6 Islam


Year 1/2 Sikhism

Year 3/4 Sikhism 

Year 5/6 Sikhism


Year 1/2 Hinduism

Year 3/4 Hinduism Coming Soon!

Year 5/6 Hinduism 


Religious Education

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