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Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page

3D do PE on: Wednesday                                  3C do PE on: Wednesday 

We test spellings on: Friday (3D) Thursday (3C)

We test times tables on: Thursday and Friday

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practise our times tables and spellings in order to ensure we make the best possible progress during our time in Year 3.

We encourage children to access TTRockstars to help them learn their times tables. We also run weekly TTRockstars sessions in school so all children can access the technology.

Our topics 

Our Autumn topic is the Stone Age. We explore the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age periods. We look at what made these periods in history special exploring the discoveries and inventions. We look at what cave men were really like and discover what it would have been like to live in those times. We examine the types of homes people used to live in, what they ate and how they farmed. We also learn why historical artefacts are important and how we can use them to help us discover information about the past.

Our Spring topic is Ancient Greece. We develop our geographical skills by locating Greece on a world map and discuss the countries and oceans surrouding it. We look at and explore the lifestyles of Ancient Greek adults and children and compare them to modern day. We also compare Ancient Greek life to modern day life and discuss the similarities and the differences. We look at Ancient Greek artefacts and understand why they are so important to our historical knowledge and what we can learn from pottery, etc. We learn about the Greek gods and goddesses and Greek mythology.

Our Summer topic is Ancient Egypt. We develop our geographical skills by locating Egypt on a world map and discuss the countries and oceans surrounding it. We look at and explore the lifestyles of Ancient Egyptian adults and children and compare them to the modern day. We discuss the similarities and differences between Ancient Egyptian life and modern day life. We learn about Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, their beliefs in the afterlife, mummification and the famous pyramids.

Our Class Texts

AutumnThe Iron Man by Ted Hughes; Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura

SpringThe Queen's Nose by Dick King-Smith

Summer - The B.F.G. by Roald Dahl

How you can help:

Please support your children's learning by listening to them read every evening. They also need to be practising their spellings every evening (Monday - Thursday), and practising their times tables often. Times tables are tested every Friday, spellings are tested every Thursday, and planners are checked daily to ensure children are reading. 

Internet Safety

Children have internet safety lessons using Gooseberry Planet once a fortnight. The children can play and access the games at home and parents can log in and check their child's progress on the website:

Our Year 3 Learning Journey so far...

Summer Term:

Our first zoom experience - We've had an exciting week during our home learning journey! Both classes had their first ever zoom calls. We all really enjoyed seeing each other after so long. We talked about what we have enjoyed about lockdown and also what we have found difficult. We then did a 'Scavenger Hunt' around our houses, this was great fun and we learnt lots about each other. We got to see each others pets too! We are really looking forward to our zoom call again next week. 

As part of our home learning journey, our activities this week have continued to focus upon plastic pollution as well as data collection in maths and drawing a self-portrait. As lockdown has begun to ease we've also been able to get out and about around Doncaster and buy new seeds and plants for our gardens. We've got strawberries, sunflowers, pumpkins and tomatoes growing in our Year 3 homes. 

We are looking forward to the sunshine next week, after a week of rain and doing some Summer based activities, just like we would be doing in school at this time of year.


Home Learning Journey - We've learnt about plastic pollution this week as part of World Ocean Day. We made our own sea turtles made from recycled materials. We've also been enjoying having time to get into a good book and read. 


Home Learning Journey - Whilst we are not at school, we are continuing our learning at home. We have recapped our mathematics learning on rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 as well as grouping data into a Venn Diagram. We have thought about how we can look after our wellbeing during lockdown, including managing our emotions and staying safe online.


The Creation of the NHS - The NHS has always served our society excellently, but this seems more apparent during the current crisis. Aneurin Bevan, the creator of the NHS, proved the service to be far more significant than a personal triumph. His work created a lasting institution that changes the lives of millions. We have been learning about Bevan and his life through our home learning. 

Home Learning Journey - Whilst we are not at school, we are continuing our learning at home. We have learnt about Sikhism as well as exploring the roles of those working so hard at the moment. We have recapped our learning of place value as well as using our retrieval and inference skills to comprehend a variety of texts.

Spring Term:

World Book Day 2020 - Today we celebrated our favourite authors, books, illustrators and - of course - reading. 

Greek Food Tasting - We tasted some Greek food today as part of our Ancient Greece topic. There were very mixed reactions!!

Hill House Art Day - Some children in 3C and 3D enjoyed an art day at Hill House today. They spoke with other children from schools in the trust and created their own masks based on Pablo Picasso.

Pandora's Box - For the last few weeks, we’ve had a treasure chest in our classroom. We’ve not been able to open it but have made some wonderful predictions about what could be inside. On Tuesday, we came back to class from the playground and this had happened! We continued to make some excellent predictions based on evidence we found and one certainty is that that chest was definitely filled with exciting things!

Ancient Greek Day - We had such a FANTASTIC day with Katerina learning all about life in Ancient Greece. We talked about clothing, medicine, the roles of men and women, we looked at artefacts, the Greek alphabet, we designed our own Greek vase, played two Greek games and looked at weapons and armour.

Autumn Term:

Roundhouses - We have been learning about how people in the stone age to the Iron age lived including where they sheltered. We learnt in the neolithic age and into the bronze age people began to build, and live in, roundhouses. As part of our D.T. learning this year, we have designed, evaluated, created and re-evaluated our own mini roundhouses. We used MDF boards with dowel and weaved willow and then added clay to create the watted walls. After, we added the roof using cardboard, sticks and raffia to mimick the thatched roof. 

Rocks - This half term, in science, we’re learning all about rocks. In our first lesson we were given a selection of rocks and used our sketching skills, from art, to draw each rock and label them based on their properties. At the end of the lesson we found out what each of the rocks were called. We never knew chalk was a rock! We then carried out experiments to categorise the rocks based on their properties; including whether they were permeable or impermeable. 

Bonfire Night - We learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes and the history associated with Bonfire Night. We baked Parkin and created some abstract art work; 3C used food colouring and straws and 3D used pastels. 

Learning about Stonehenge - We learnt about how Stonehenge was built thousands of years ago. We discussed how people may have lifted and carried the huge stones without modern day machinery. We then used pastels to draw pictures of Stonehenge in different seasons. Finally, we used custard creams and bourbons to make our own mini Stonehenge. Even though we were tempted to eat the materials we made some great model examples!

Trip to Creswell Crags - We had a great day at Creswell Crags (despite being a tad soggy)! We explored Mother Grundy's cave which houses a collection of fractured horse teeth which show that Ice Age hunter-gatherers were butchering horses at this site 12,000 years ago. We also examined tools and musical instruments from the stone age as well as building shelters, making fires and piecing together the skeletons of cave lions, saber-toothed cat, mastodon and mammoth to learn if they were friend, foe or food.

Gooseberry Planet - We learnt about how to respond to new people online. Year 3 thought about the differences between real-life friends and people they may meet online. We also created a list of trusted adults we could ask to help us before accepting people as online friends.

Virtual Reality Workshop - We saw the stone age come to live in front our eyes!

Maths Mastery Number Sense - "If I know 2+7 = 9 then what else do I know?"

Science lesson in the Forest School - We got into the role of archaeologists to examine whether we think remanants of poo were from a modern day man or a Stone Age man based on our knowledge of diets, nutrition and access to different foods in each age.


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