Mathematics Mastery

We are very excited to be following the mathematics mastery approach at OPPA! It is used throughout school from EYFS to Year 5.  The principles that are central to maths mastery mean that maths lessons may look very different to what parents may expect.

The curricular principles are:

  1. Fewer topics in greater depth

  2. Mastery for all pupils

  3. Number sense and place value come first

  4. Problem solving is central

Pupils are not going to be accelerating through curriculum content, as they may have done previously, but going deeper into it through depth questions and tasks. This allows all children to meet their potential and ensures no child is left behind.


All children from Nursery to Year 6 have maths meetings 4 times a week where we revisit a range of prior objectives and learning.

IMG_2617[1].JPG      IMG_2618[1].JPG    IMG_2619[1].JPG   IMG_2352[1].JPG     

IMG_2476[1].JPG      IMG_2471[1].JPG    IMG_2431[1].JPG   IMG_2385[1].JPG     



You said .... we did. After our parent maths mornings some parents suggested it would be helpful to see what the children learn over the year so we have added the yearly overviews below.

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