Geography tells us more about our planet and the world we live in.


Our Children Say

Our Geography subject leader is Miss Gough.

Miss Gough says:

"I have always enjoyed studying Geography. I studied this subject up to A-Level and can still recall some of my favourite Geography lessons and Fieldwork Trips. I particularly enjoy physical Geography and exploring how the world around us is changing. I love teaching about volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; exploring what causes them and the impact they have on society. My favourite volcano is Popocatépetl, as you can't say the name without smiling."


Geography at Owston Park Primay Academy

The Geography curriculum teaches children how to make sense of the world around them, through developing their ability to understand, locate and be aware of both physical and human features. It enables children to understand and appreciate relationships and contrasts in their everyday lives. Through the use of whole class teaching, guided group work and independent activities, children learn how to draw and interpret maps, develop their research and investigation skills as well as problem solving and data analysis. Through cross-curricular learning, the children can study Geography in Maths and English as well as relating it to their current classroom topics such as; discovering where in the world a specific historical event took place. The use of the onsite Forest school allows children to apply the skills they have learnt; map reading and orienteering for example to a real-life context.
Our children learn to appreciate the contribution made by many cultures to the development and application of Geography. Where appropriate, the Geography curriculum promotes key British Values so our children have exposure to a wide experience of local and global learning where there are opportunities for respect and tolerance when embracing differences within the world, we live.

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Below are the Geography concepts, based on Tier 2 vocabulary, which are revisited throughout children's learning journeys.

Geography Curriculum Road Map

The road map below shows the journey of Geography at Owston Park, identifying which geographical areas are studied in each year group. 

See our 'Knowledge Organiser' page to look at individual topics key knowledge. 

This year in Geography so far...

Watch this space for more pictures of what we will be getting up to in Geography this year.


In the Early Years, children are learning to Understand the World. Geography resources are avaliable as part of provision. Children also explore the world with Barnaby Bear, identifying which countries he has visited around the world. 

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