Times Table Rock Stars

Times tables are an essential element of being a confident mathematician! As a school, we use the program 'Times Table Rock Stars' to support our learners with memorising their multiplication and related division facts. Children can sign in to the program online or through a free app that can be dowloaded to a smart device. Each child has been given their own Username and Password. Please contact your childs class teacher if you require additional support. The link for Times Table Rock Stars is below.

Multiplication Check 

The Multiplication Tables Check has been designed to help ensure that children in primary school know their times tables up to 12 off by heart. As well as being critical for everyday life, knowledge of multiplication tables helps children to solve problems quickly and flexibly, and allows them to tackle more complex mathematics later on in school.  

The Multiplication Tables Check, will be administered as an online, on-screen assessment. Each assessment will consist of 25 questions worth one mark each. The questions will only be multiplication and they will go up to 12×12. This means that related division facts, whilst a key part of children’s mathematical learning, will not be tested as part of the check.  Pupils will have 6 seconds to enter a response to the question. The 6 seconds will start as soon as the question appears on screen. Pupils will then input their response on screen, then press enter to proceed, or wait until the time has expired. Once the question is answered, there will be a 3 second pause before the next question appears.  

In school, children are tested on their Times tables weekly. Once they have been tested on their set table in order and passed, they will then be tested on the same times tables in a mixed order. When both these have been passed, children will move onto the next set of times tables. It is important that the children know their times tables out of order as they are presented with a mix of questions in the Multiplication Tables Check.  

When children are tested on their times tables in class, they will be given 6 seconds to respond to the questions, in order to prepare them for their assessment. The requirement to answer at speed is key to assessing fluent recall of multiplication tables, whilst limiting pupils’ ability to work out answers to the questions.  Children will be rewarded for learning their times tables and they will receive a certificate upon completion. 

What you can do to help support your child with their Times tables:  


Maths Megastars!

Each week children, from Y2 to Y6, are tested on their multiplication and division facts; both in and out of sequence. Once the children have achieved their current set of multiplication or division facts they are awarded a certificate and moved on to the next set. From the Summer Term in Y1 children are tested on their Number Bonds Facts, both addition and subtraction to 20, in and out of sequence. See below for this term's weekly Maths Megastars!

IMG_4423.JPG  IMG_4424.JPG  IMG_4425.JPG  IMG_4426.JPG  IMG_4427.JPG  IMG_4429.JPG  

IMG_4430.JPG  IMG_4431.JPG  IMG_4488.JPG  IMG_4489.JPG  IMG_4492.JPG  IMG_4663.JPG  

IMG_4554.JPG   IMG_4879.JPG    IMG_4878.JPG

IMG_4873.JPG   IMG_4872.JPG     IMG_4869.JPG  IMG_4795.JPG   IMG_4713.JPG  IMG_4666.JPG

IMG_4664.JPG  IMG_4663.JPG   IMG_4662.JPG    IMG_4659.JPG   IMG_4592.JPG   IMG_4590.JPG

Screenshot 2023-03-12 150256.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 150439.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 150510.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 150535.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 150607.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 150649.jpg

Screenshot 2023-03-12 150709.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 150734.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 150757.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 151645.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 151710.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 151732.jpg

Screenshot 2023-03-12 151816.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 151838.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 151901.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 151942.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 152135.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 152207.jpg

Screenshot 2023-03-12 152234.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 152400.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 152630.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 152758.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 152818.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 152927.jpg

Screenshot 2023-03-12 152952.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 153130.jpg   Screenshot 2023-03-12 153158.jpg



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