Music is the study and performance of sound.



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Our Music subject lead is Mrs Spiby - Wilson  

Mrs Spiby-Wilson says:

Who doesn't love music?! Music is all around all of the time: on TV, on the radio, in the shops, at christmas, at festivals, at concerts... the list could go on and on. Music is a real passion of mine as I believe it gives us an outlet for our emotions, and can change a mood in an instant. I have personally been to a variety of different music concerts and festivals and have even tried to learn a number of instruments such as guitar, drums and the recorder! Music can also help us improve in maths and reading without us even noticing and can build up our tolerance and patience across all other aspects of or learning. Music really is a super power and can be harnessed by anyone!

Get your capes on Owston, Music is about to fly!  

I'll sign off with a simple quote by Beethoven, "Music can change the world."


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See our 'Knowledge Organiser' page to look at individual topics key knowledge. 


Some examples of music at Owston Park Primary: 

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At Owston Park, we LOVE music - from as early as independent EYFS music provision - to KS1 performing in the music room - to a KS2 spectacle at Young Voices! 


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On a Monday we have Music Monday. This gives our children opportunities to listen to a different genre of Music each week. Here are some of the Genres we have learned  so far...


Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Rock, Rock n Roll, Musicals, Movie, Bollywood, 2000's, Country, Pop, Heavy Metal, SKA, Disney, R&B and many more.....



Young Voices 2023:

The Young Voices Choir | Spotify

Click here to download the lyrics

Click here to access the playlist on Spotify: Young Voices Uk Music Pack 2023 - Album by The Young Voices Choir | Spotify

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