Our history curriculum is designed to inspire and ignite children's curiosity about the past and develop their understanding of historical individuals, events and movements. Our bespoke curriculum has been designed around the needs of our children - to develop their sense of identity and help them to make sense of the world in which they live. History teaching at Owston Park should prepare children to think critically, question, evaluate sources of information and justify their arguments. Our history curriculum is taught chronologically in KS2 in order to develop children's understanding of the concept of change and human progress. We have recently streamlined our history curriculum to give us opportunity to look at fewer topics in much more depth.

History lessons at Owston Park are taught discretely, to ensure children are aware of how the knowledge and skills they are learning fit into the bigger picture of their learning journey. History lessons are knowledge rich, and our bespoke curriculum has been carefully designed to provide opportunities for children to revisit and build upon their prior learning, through vertical links (learning linking to learning in a prior year group) and horizontal links (learning from other topics or other subjects within their year group). Vocabulary is explicitly taught in history to enable children to develop an understanding of key concepts, which are covered in multiple year groups to ensure prior knowledge is being built on and pupils' understanding of the world is developing. History lessons provide opportunities for children to develop core skills - children are encouraged to use maths to work out intervals of time or plot population data from different periods on a graph for example, and children are given opportunities to read a variety of sources of evidence and write at length during history lessons. All children are provided with opportunities to access greater depth activities in history.

Our history learning is enriched by a variety of topic launch and landings, which provide experiences that hook the children into their learning, e.g. a visit from a Mayan archaeologist for Year 4, or a trip to Creswell Crags for Year 3. We hold topic landings at the end of topics, where we showcase our learning for our parents/wider school community. Parents are also kept up to date about their child’s learning through Class Dojo. 


Take a look at some of our History learning!

Mayan archeologist, Dr Dianne, visiting Y4 to launch their Mayan topic.

Year 2 holding their landing event for Parents to celebrate their Castles learning.

Year 5 launching their Victorians topic with a trip to Wilderspin School

Nursery learning about Remembrance Day. 

EYFS creating art for Remembrance Day

Year 2's 'Talking Timeline' to retell the events of The Titanic.

Year 4 launching their Roman topic with an immersive Roman Day.

Year 3 launching their Ancient Greeks topic with an immersive day.


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