Year 2 2022 - 2023

Miss McKevitt

Mrs Hiblin


Welcome to the Year 2 Page

Children can come to school in their PE kit.

2M do PE on Monday, and 2H do PE on Friday.  

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practise our times tables and spellings in order to ensure we make the best possible progress during our time in Year 2. We encourage children to access TTRockstars to help them learn their times tables. To record your child's reading, please fill in their reading record or email your child's class teacher:


A typical day in Year 2 looks like...

8.25 - Children come into school.

8.30 - Spelling

9.00 - 9.30 - English

9.30 - 9.45 - Maths Meeting

9.45 - 10.00 - Break Time

10.00 - 11.00 - Maths

11.00 - 11.45 - RWI

11.45 - 12.45 - Lunch

12.45 - 1.00 - Science Meetings or Silent Reading

1-1.20 - Handwriting

1.20 - 3.00 Wider Curriculum Lesson


Click here to download our yearly overview


Intrepid Explorers:

Our first topic is Intrepid Explorers! We will be learning all about the continents of the world in geography, and the explorers who've been there in history! In art, we will learn about colour and texture, and in music, we learn about the different types of instruments. We read some fantastic texts about people who have visited new places, such as Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and Tom Crean's Rabbit by Meredith Hooper. After half term, we learn more about the Polar regions, including the explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and we learn about how animals are adapted to survive in cold places. Please see the Knowledge Organiser section of the website to discover what your child will learn during this topic.


Into The Woods:

In Spring, our topic is Into The Woods. We learn all about different plants and their lifecycles in Science, and we spend lots of our time in Forest School! In English, we read traditional Fairy Tales and even some modern twists on them, especially those by Anthony Browne. We also read Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann. In history we learn all abouts castles, and in geography we learn about the physical features of land, aswell as developing our fieldwork skills. We even visit a local castle! In DT, we create our puppets based on a fairytale character. Don't forget to have a look at the Knowledge Organiser section of the website to find out more about this topic!


Beside the seaside:

In Summer, our topic is 'Beside the Seaside!'. We learn about The Victorian era, and their seaside holidays. We even go on a trip to the seaside to experience it for ourselves! We read Winnie at the Seaside by Valerie Thomas, and we create potions whilst working scientifically just like Winnie the Witch! In geography, we learn all about how seasides are different to Doncaster, and we also think about the things that they have in common. In Science, we learn about the different animals who live in coastal habitats, and we also think about the effect that humans have on coastal areas, inspired by the book A Planet Full Of Plastic by Neal Hayton. See our knowledge organsiers for this topic to find out more!


Our learning in Year 2 so far...

To kick off our new topic learning, we created porthole pictures inspired by the Titanic!





In History, we have learnt about the events of the Titanic's fateful maiden voyage.

We sequenced the events, and then retold the story using our own playdough Titanic!


Titanic timeline.JPG


In Life Skills, we have been working on our independence!

We learnt to use a ruler independently to underline our work.


In Art, we've been learning to make shades of primary colours

Art pic(1).JPG

In R.E, we've learnt about Christianity


We had a Titanic workshop, where we used our creativity and drama skills to retell the story of the Titanic.

We also learnt lots of facts about the Titanic.









In Autumn 2, we are learning about people who have explored cold places!

In History, we sequenced the events of Robert Falcon Scott's journey to the South Pole

3 robert falcon scott timeline.JPG

In Science we've learnt about food chains

4 food chains.JPG


We had a special delivery of a strange egg, all the way from Antarctica! We had to work out how to look after it! We researched all about penguin eggs, using the non-fiction text 

The Emperor's Egg

6 penguin egg.JPG



10 kandinsky art.JPG

In Art, we've learnt about the features of Kandinsky's abstract work and replicated some of his techniques, such as concentric shapes and overlapping shapes, in our art books.


11 puppets.JPG

In DT, we've been making puppets! We learnt to join materials together using stitching.

9 DT sewing skills.JPG


5 library.JPG

We love our library sessions!


12 maths.JPG

In Maths, we've been learning about data. We created simple bar models using quality street!


anti bullying week.JPG


For Anti-Bullying Week, we thought about how to be a good friend.


We loved our Parent Science Afternoon!

IMG_5817[1].JPG  IMG_5818[1].JPGIMG_5812[1].JPG

To launch our Into the Wood topic we went on a trip to Lincoln Castle.

IMG_5926[1].JPG   IMG_5919[1].JPG  IMG_5889[1].JPG



We loved going into our Forest School to find plants that grow in our local habitat!

IMG_5710[1].JPG      IMG_5717[1].JPGIMG_5715[1].JPG

In PSHE, we thought about what makes people in our community similar and different. We created a class web to celebrate how we are all different but treated the same.













We learnt about how and why Christians celebrate shrove Tuesday. We then made some pancakes.


IMG_6220[1].JPG        IMG_6209[1].JPG











In Science, we investigated seed dispersal.

seed dispersal.JPG

In Art, we're learning about sculpture. We had a visit from the aritst James Brunt, and we spent the day in forest school building sculptures!





Happy World Book Day!

world book day!.JPG










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