Year 6 2020 - 2021

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Welcome to the Year 6 Class Page

6T do PE on: Thursdays                                  6G do PE on: Mondays

We test spellings on: Friday

We test times tables on: Friday

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practise our times tables and spellings in order to ensure we make the best possible progress during our time in Year 6.

We encourage children to access TTRockstars to help them learn their times tables. We also run weekly TTRockstars sessions in school so all children can access the technology.


Spring Term

Crime and Punishment and Extreme Earth

This term, our History topic is 'Crime and Punishment' and our Geography topic is 'Extreme Earth'. To find out more about  what we will be learning, visit the Year 6 Knowledge Organiser page under 'Curriculum'. 

As part of these topics, children will be visited in school by Judge David Dixon, a Crown Court Judge, and take part in two exciting visits: Crucial Crew on Monday 30th March and a visit to the Houses of Parliament, London on Tuesday 31st March. 


Novel Study

In English, we will be reading Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. This will act as a stimulus for a range of extended writing, grammar and guided reading activities. All children will be provided with their own copy of the book to use in school to read during lessons and for pleasure. 



Autumn Term


World War 2

This term our topic is 'World War 2'. Click on the link below to access our topic plan to find out about all the exciting activities we have planned for this term. 


As part of the English Curriculum, this term we will be studying the book 'Once' by Morris Gleitzman

Topic Launch

As the launch for our topic we were visited by The National Holocaust Centre and Museum. Throughout the course of a full day the children explored the journey of a young boy in Nazi Germany. They learnt about Leo's journey on the Kindertransport and his life prior to this.

This outstanding session shared authentic Holocaust testimonies with the children and brought the character to life. Children were given the opportunity to analyse propaganda and look at real-life artifacts. Afterwards they were provided with technology to listen to testimonies, before asking questions and producing brilliant creative writing from the Leo's point of view. 




RE Drop Down Day 1- Buddhism


The Sheffield Buddhist Centre visited school to enhance our learning of Buddhism. They delivered a variety of sessions on Ethics and Karma. Throughout the course of the day Year 6 learnt the story of Buddah, the core beliefs and teachings in Buddhism as well as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.


UCI World Road Championships


Year 6 were given the fantastic opportunity of visiting the Dome to watch the start of the youth women's road race. This was an amazing experience as the championship has not been held in the UK for 36 years. The children were able to watch the cyclists, representing each different country, sign in before going outside to watch the initial warm up laps of the race. The children then had a fantastic morning partaking in either a swimming or ice-skating session. 


Virtual Reality Day


We had the fantastic opportunity to use Virtual Reality Software in school. Prime VR visited school and provided a 'wow' experience for all of year 6. Our workshop was 'Explore the Wonders'. This activity took children around the globe, using virtual reality to visit the wonders of the world.  Children were able to learn about the weather, location, architecture and history of each Wonder. 


Transition Display Work

During our 3 days of Transition we were all challenged with creating a display which celebrated a significant individual. As our topic this term is World War 2 6G chose to learn about Anne Frank, while 6T chose to learn about Winston Churchill.


Each class has produced a variety of writing and artwork based on our significant individual. 


Reading Corners


"You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss


Children have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of books and texts in the classroom. They can enjoy their reading whilst relaxing at Starbooks or in the Hogwarts Common Room. 


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