Computing is the activity of writing and using programs and understanding how to be a safe and respectful online citizen.



Introducing our current digital leaders from Y1 to Y5...these children have shown a particular aptitude for computing and support their peers in computing lessons.

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Our Computing subject lead is Miss Scarfe.

Miss Scarfe says:

I loved computing at school and continued it to GCSE level. This was due to my teacher, who was excited and inspired by computing! I hope to inspire a love of computing in the children at Owston Park."


The Computing Curriculum at Owston Park

The Owston Park computing curriculum aims to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to thrive in the digital world of today and the future. It is about preparing our children for an ever changing world in which technology is playing a substantial part and the social, cultural and economic benefits this knowledge will bring. Computing is a foundational subject that every child should study. Our computing curriculum is about building on skills from year to year until they can be used in complex ways in a range of contexts and to allow our children to use their developing computational thinking skills.  As part of the Owston Park computing curriculum the correct technical vocabulary is taught for each strand of the curriculum to be used accurately during lessons where a strong discussion based approach is used. The curriculum can be broken down into three strands, which are, computer science, information technology and digital literacy. Computer science is about the relationship between computer software and how programs are implemented as algorithms. Information technology is closely linked to computer science, as it is about using computer programs in real world situations to manipulate and produce data such as photos, videos, word documents and presentations. We use computing in a cross curricular manner in English, Maths and the wider curriculum subjects being taught across school, to help promote key skills. Finally, digital literacy is about the use of different technology in the world today alongside the use of digital communication methods and the importance of being safe online.Through Gooseberry Planet we are teaching our children to be safe and secure online as well as being responsible online citizens who are respectful and have positive relationships with others. Through our carefully designed curriculum the children develop, practice and consolidate their knowledge, skills and understanding over a two year time frame.

Please see our 'Knowledge Organiser' page to look at each individual topics key knowledge. 

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