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Throughout the year the school councillors meet with Mrs Spiby-Wilson to discuss and share ideas in an attempt to make our school even better through positive changes! 

This year the school council plan to take on several projects and have a progression plan which is shared on the school council notice board. At present the school council are considering ways we can fundraise for the school which are inclusive and fun for pupils, parents and staff. If you have any ideas please feel free to share them on our discusion section or the school council notice board in school.

There are some special weeks coming up in school this year that we hope to promote and assist with such as: Anti-bullying and Friendship Week 14th November 2023, Healthy Eating Week 10th June 2024, Internet Safety Week 7th February 2024 and Earth Day 22nd April 2024.



Christmas Toy Fayre

This Christmas the School Council organised a Christmas Toy Fayre. We received a huge amount of donations from parents, family, friends and local companies which helped to make the Toy Fayre a success and gave many of our families the opportunity to make Christmas that little bit better. 

Thank you to everyone who donated toys, books and clothes. Thank you to all those who attended the event and assisted us on the day working the stalls, bringing children to parents along with all of the people who helped behind the scenes. We could not have done this without your support.

We managed to raise £350 and still have lots of items left which we are donating to Barnardo's. The School council chose this particular charity because it helps to care for vulnerable children. 

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Hallam FM Cash for Kids: Wear, Share, Care

Our school council members ran an appeal for Hallam FM Cash for Kids to help those who need it most. They were asking for donations of clothes, shoes, belts and handbags throughout March and April. Everything donated was clean and could be reused or recycled for further use.

The donations were collected and weighed. Owston Park raised £228 for this very important campaign.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this amazing charity that will give back to our community.

Eco Schools

Our school council members have earned the Bronze Eco Schools award for helping to keep our school eco friendly by emptying recycling bins, ensuring lights are turned off if the room is empty as well as litter picking around school. This year we are aiming to earn the Silver award and the Green Flag award.

As part of the 2022 Mayoral Elections, KS2 completed an election in school. The children studied the manefestos of each party and completed the process of voting as a way to understand democracy. The majority vote was for the Green Party candidate Bex Whyman. This ties in with the schools eco friendly environment that we are creating.

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Worry Wednesday

Our school council run a Worry Wednesday group at Lunchtime on Wednesdays in the library. There will be one school councillor from each year group in there during lunch along with Mrs Spiby-Wilson. Worry Wednesday was created in 2022 to help support all of the children with any problems or worries they had. It is an opportunity for children to speak to other children about their worries and feel supported.

There is also a worry monster that lives in the library so if you don’t want to talk to anyone you could write down your worries and then place them in the worry monster and give him something to eat!

The Big Battery Hunt

Owston Park School Council signed the school up to participate in the Big Battery Hunt. This is a programme to recycle batteries and help protect our environment. 

There are some great prizes to be won, not only for the school that recycles the most batteries but also the pupil that recycles the most within those schools.

Any batteries must be recycled at a recycling centre and photos were sent to us at school and the big battery hunt website to help us keep account of how many batteries are being recycled.

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