At Owston Park we use game-based learning within school to teach e-Safety to pupils. These lessons are taught fortnightly, through Gooseberry Planet.

Pupils face real-life online scenarios to which they must respond, whilst simultaneously collecting stars and competing with their class mates. The game levels address a broad range of topics concerning current online threats and will be completed at the end of a fortnightly e-Safety lesson.

Gooseberry Parent allows you to see how your child is reacting within the game, the resource area is full of tips and advice for you so you can be part of your child’s learning journey. It also gives hints and tips about different aspects of Internet safety. You now have access to Gooseberry Parent which you can download via the app store or on Google play. Once you have registered yourself you can add your child using the details sent home and view their results.

Please follow the links below for more information on Gooseberry Parent and for other advice on keeping children safe:

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