Year 1 2023 - 2024

Miss Scarfe

Mrs Brook

Welcome to the Year 1 Class Page

1B Teacher - Mrs Brook

1S Teacher - Miss Scarfe

Year Group LSA - Mrs Skitt

1:1 LSA - Mrs Field


Important Info:

1S do PE on: Thursday                                                           1B do PE on: Wednesday

      1S test spellings on: Thursday                                               1B test spellings on: Tuesday 



Children can come to school in their P.E kits on their designated days.

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practice our spellings in order to ensure we make the best possible progress during our time in Year 1. 


A typical day in Year 1 looks like...

8.20 - Children come into school.

8.30 - Morning Task

8.45 - 9.45 - English

9.45 - 10.00 - Break time

10.00 - 11.00 - Maths

11.00 - 11.45 - RWI

11.45 - 12.45 - Lunch

12.45 - 1.00 - Maths Meeting 

1.00 - 1.15 - RWI Speed Sounds    

1.15 - 3.00 Wider Curriculum Lessons


You can download our yearly planning overview here.



This is me.jpg

This is Me 

This term our topic is 'This is Me!’ where we will be learning about ourselves, our family and where we live. We will be exploring and learning about:

-Our local area in Geography.

-The History of the local area and how it has changed.

-Our body parts and how we grow and change in Science.

- Singing and using our voices in Music.

-How to make a vehicle with an axle and wheels in DT.

-Drawing self portraits and the artwork of artist Paul Klee in Art.

-How to keep safe online using Gooseberry Planet.

-Following and creating simple algorithms in computing.

-Different ways to keep ourselves safe and be independent in Life Skills.

-In PSHE we will be exploring families and friendships and how we show respect to others.



time machine.jpg

Time Machine

This term our topic is ‘Time Machine’ and we will be taking a walk through History! Spring 1 we will be looking at the Great Fire of London and the importance of Samuel Pepyes and his diary. Then in Spring 2 we will meet the dinosaurs and explore the famous discoveries of Mary Anning! We will be exploring and learning about:

-The countries and capital cities of the UK, especially London and its landmarks in Geography.

-The structure of plants and classifying animals in Science.

-Music from different genres and the different instrument groups.

-How to make a papier Mache dinosaur strong and stable in DT.

-How to create silhouette art of the Great Fire of London.

-How to keep safe online using Gooseberry Planet.

-Following and creating simple algorithms and using a range of programs to create digital content in computing.

-In Life Skills we will be looking at how to be a responsible citizen. 

-In PSHE we will be looking at the importance of being a member of the local community.



Trains planes and automobiles.jfif

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

This term our topic is ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’. We will be looking at how transport has changed over time and the achievements of Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong. Are you ready to travel on this adventure!? We will be exploring and learning about:

-The 7 continents and 5 oceans and completing a comparison study with Africa in Geography.

-Materials and their properties in Science.

-Creating music and exploring music from different places.

-Making a fruit kebab using our new food prepartion skills in DT.

-African art and pattern.

-How to keep safe online using Gooseberry Planet.

-Producing digital content using a range of programs in computing.

-In Life Skills we will be looking at developing our cooking and nutrition skills as well as looking at budgeting.

-The focus in PSHE will be physical and mental health and dealing with change.


The children enjoying den building in the forest school.

                                                     IMG_4329.JPG    IMG_4330.JPG                                                                                     IMG_4331.JPG    IMG_4345.JPG                                                                                     IMG_4346.JPG    IMG_4347.JPG


The children working as a team to identify and order their numbers to 20.

IMG_4686.JPG   IMG_4687.JPG IMG_4691.JPG   IMG_4693.JPG


The children using their incredible coding and programming skills to write click events.

IMG_4784.JPG   IMG_4782.JPG   IMG_4780.JPG

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