Year 1 2020 - 2021

Miss Scarfe

Mrs Brook

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Important Info:


          1S do PE on: Thursday and Friday                                      1B do PE on: Monday and Thursday

      1S test spellings on: Wednesday                                               1B test spellings on: Monday 


Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practice our spellings and number bonds in order to ensure we make the best possible progress during our time in Year 1. Let your class teacher know how it going by using the class email account. This function replaces the usual use of 'planners'.

1S:                                         1B:




This is Me

This term our topic is 'This is Me!’ where we will be learning about ourselves, our family and where we live. We will be exploring and learning about:

-Our local area in Geography.

-The History of the local area and how it has changed.

-Our body parts and how we grow and change in Science.

- Rhythms, beats and patterns using sound and body percussion in Music.

-How to make a piece of playground equipment and explore how it moves.

-Drawing self portraits and the artwork of artist Paul Klee.

-How to keep safe online using Gooseberry Planet.

-Following and creating simple algorithms in computing.



Time Machine

This term our topic is ‘Time Machine’ and we will be taking a walk through History! Starting with the modern Royal Family, then looking at the Great Fire of London and finally meeting the dinosaurs! We will be exploring and learning about:

-The countries and capital cities of the UK, especially London and its landmarks.

-The structure of plants and classifying animals in Science.

-Music from different times and genres.

-How to make a papier Mache dinosaur strong and stable.

-How to create silhouette art of the Great Fire of London.

-How to keep safe online using Gooseberry Planet.

-Following and creating simple algorithms and using a range of programs to create digital content in computing.



Trains, Planes and Automobiles

This term our topic is ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’. We will be looking at how transport has changed over time and the achievements of Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong. Are you ready to travel on this adventure!? We will be exploring and learning about:

-The 7 continents and 5 oceans and completing a comparison study with Africa in Geography.

-Materials and their properties in Science.

-Creating music from different instruments and exploring music from different places.

-How to make a vehicle with a moving axle and wheels in DT.

-African art and pattern.

-How to keep safe online using Gooseberry Planet.

-Producing digital content using a range of programs.


Our Learning in Y1 so far...


We have been looking at our bodies and growth this term in our Science lessons. We asked parents/carers to send us a photo of the children when they were babies. We had the photos up on the board and wanted to see if we could guess who they were! We did a super good job! 


1B used different materials in D.T to try and make a functioning swing for the park. We studied moving parts and used trial and error to allow our own swings to be able to move like a real swing. We are very proud of what we produced! Well done everyone!


1S has had a visitor this week! Beegu the alien crash landed in the playground, sent us messages in code and left us lots of clues! We have wondered why she is here at Owston Park?


The children in 1S spent the afternooon trialling different materials to decide which one would be the best to make the moving part on a swing. Which design do you think works best?


On Monday 23rd November:

In 1B we found a note from Kevin Carrot asking us to follow the trail and help him to find his babies... Keep looking to see how we made them ! 

We used lots of different materials to create our very own Kevin carrots! We had so much fun and challenged our fine motor skills having to hammer in the eyes. 

Here are some photos of the circus acts the children performed today just like Kevin the Carrot in the Magical Circus. They all persevered with these new skills and I was dazzled by their performances! Well done 1S! 

Following on from our week of Kevin Carrot, we dedicated our Christmas display to him and even made our own Kevin Christmas hanging decorations! We used our sewing skills to make him 3D and added extras to give him character and sophistication. The children are looking forward to being able to bring them home. Well done 1B. 


We used our weekly story - Little Red Riding Hood - to engage in several activities in the Forest School. We reenacted the story using face masks,  made buns for granny using salt dough and sorted them into 'more' and 'fewer' and then we followed a trail using a compass of 'North East, South and West' to find us some tasty Candy Canes! 

So much concentration and precision using the oil pastels. I wonder what these beautiful creations will be............?


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