Remote Education Journey

Some more incredible work for Y1 during lockdown. We are so proud of you Y1!



Week commencing 25th January 2021

This week our hook book was the Twinkl Original 'Charlie the Firefighter' in line with our topic theme about the Great fire of London. We focussed our Literacy/Guided Reading work this week around this book and the children produced some fantastic writing alongside some great discussions over on the Live Zooms! 



Here are just some of the fantastic pieces of work produced this week sent via dojo message or Portfolio! Well done to each and every one of you! 

We are Maths Maesro's! Look at what we have covered this week in our remote education....


Our learning didn't stop there! Oh No! We have been looking at the 'Make 10' strategy in our maths learning this week. We understand that this can be a hard concept to grasp so we delivered live zoom sessions to demonstrate this. The children were amazing! You made us so proud! We know that to do this we need to know our number bonds to 10 - so many of you were brushing up on this knowledge and showing us using your very own Numicon sets (We have dedicated learners in year 1 - even at home!) 

Well done year 1!


Also... Check out these magnificent images sent! The lengths you will go to learn is phenomenal. I applaud each of you for your commitment! 





Maths from Week Commencing 18th January 2021:

This week we have been focussing on telling the time in our math work. We started out looking at O'clock and progressed to half past and even quarter past and quarter to! Here are some examples of the work we completed in our home education books. 


Guided reading work from Week Commencing 18th Janary 2021:

In our Guided Reading work we looked at the book Katie in London By James Mayhew.

The children worked brillaintly on and off zoom to produce some super writing. Here are some examples: 


Week Commencing 11.1.21

Year 1 have been working their socks off at home! Here is a collection of some of the work that has been sent so far... I had so much to choose from! Well done!




Have a look at all the fantastic home education that has being going on in Year 1 this week!


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