Remote Education Journey

Our learning in Nursery so far...


W/B 25th January 2021

26.01.20 - "Ahoy, Me Hearties!" Today the children listened to the story 'Pirates Love Underpants'. Following the story they had to complete the following challenges:

  • Can you create a treasure map to guide a sibling or your parents to find something you've hidden in your house / garden?
  • Use pictures, arrows and symbols to help. Remember, X marks the spot!
  • Extra challenge: Can you follow a treasure map made for you by a grown up to find some treasure that they've hidden for you?

Have a swashbuckling time everyone!


25.01.20 - Following today's dough disco, I showed Mrs Allen and the children some familiar logos and signs. Understanding that print carries meaning and recognising logos is very important for early reading. The children had a go during the zoom session and then completed the following challenges:

  • Can you talk about them and talk about where you have seen them or what you associate them with?
  • Can you find more logos around the house and then talk about what they represent?


The children have done so well recognising the logos above and talking about what they mean to them. They have found so many logos in their homes and local areas too!


W/B 18th January 2021

22.01.20 - After playing 'Oral-blending'  I-Spy with Fred Frog on today's zoom, Fred challenegd the children to go on a scavenger hunt around their homes to find the following objects:

  1. cup / c-u-p
  2. dish / d-i-sh
  3. tin / t-i-n
  4. coat / c-oa-t
  5. pen / p-e-n
  6. brush / b-r-u-sh
  7. toy / t-oy
  8. boot / b-oo-t
  9. bin / b-i-n
  10. sock / s-o-ck

The children's grown ups segmented the words into sounds and the children had to blend the sounds together to say the word and find the objects. 


21.01.21 - Today the children watched a video of Fred Frog playing I-Spy with Mrs Allen. Fred sounded out the words and Mrs Allen blended the sounds together to say the colour word and selected the correct coloured object. The children were challenged to find these coloured objects to play the oral blending activity live with Fred frog on tommorow's zoom session.


20.01.21 - Well done to everyone for today’s maths meeting! It was lovely to see everyone participating and using their own weather cards / resources. Here are today’s follow up challenges:

1. Uploaded on Class Dojo are our number cards 0-5. In some pictures you will see that Fred has been mischievous and taken a number away. Can you sing the missing number song and say in a sentence what the missing number is?

Challenge: can you use the words ‘more’ and ‘less’.
E.g. “I know that the missing number is ___ because it is one more than ____ and one less than ___”

2. Can you make number cards 0-10 ready for next weeks maths meeting. You will need them to join in with 'missing number'.

Well done and I’ll look forward to finding out about the missing numbers and seeing your number cards!


Missing Number Song (to the tune of Frere Jacques)

“Missing number, missing number where are you, where are you?

We are going to find you, we are going to find you,

Yes we are, yes we are”



19.01.21 - Today Mrs Allen read the children the story 'T-Rex on Tour'. Rex told the nursery children that he wanted to find out all about them! The children were set a challenge to look into a mirror and tell Rex exactly what they looked like, make Rex a postcard with a picture of themselves on the front and write Rex's name. We are going to send our postcards to Rex's address:

Rex, Dinosaur Museum, Fossil Lane, Doncasterosaurus.

Hopefully Rex will send the nursery children a letter back!


18.01.21 - We started our zoom session today with 'Dough Disco' to get our bodies and fingers moving, ready to learn! The children then had to guess the missing word that I left out of some of our favourite nursery rhymes and lines from familiar stories. They then had to complete their own challenge at home.

Can you present the missing word from these nursery rhymes and stories:

  • Five little monkeys jumping on the ____, one fell off and bumped his ____.
  • Baa baa black ____ have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three ____ full.
  • Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the ____.
  • Is there room on the ____ for a ____ like me?
  • I am a dragon as mean as can be and i'm planning to have ____ and chips for my tea.

The children have worked so hard and done such a great job!


W/B 11th January 2021

15.01.20 - On today's zoom we learnt about positional langage. Using the rocket they made yesterday, the children positioned a chosen object in front of the rocket, behind the rocket, at the side of the rocket, under the rocket and on top of the rocket. They were then challenged to find other places around their home were they could place their object with the addition of 'in'.


14.01.20 - Today the children watched a video of me reading the story 'Whatever Next'. They then had to complete some challenges that were linked to the story: 

  • make a rocket (which will also be needed for an activity during tomorrow's zoom session)
  • pretend to have a picnic on the moon
  • look out of the window tonight and see if you can see the moon.

The children have made some amazing rockets! Of course everyone enjoyed today's snow too! They made snow people, snow animals and had fun having snowball fights!


13.01.20 - Today we all took part in our first vitual maths meeting on our zoom session. We really enjoyed singing the days of the week song, talking about the weather and singing number songs. The children's challenge was to make their own weather cards to use in our future virtual maths meetings. The children have been so creative!


12.01.20 - Today I set the children a challenge to see how many numbers they noticed within their indoor and outdoor environments. Its amazing how many numbers are all around us! Why don't you go on a number hunt next time you go on a walk in your local area, or in the kitchen while you eat your breakfast?


11.01.20 - We enjoyed our first virtual dough disco on our zoom session today. Dough disco is brilliant for developing our fine motor skills to help us become super writers. Following the dough disco, our challenge was to make lots of different shapes and shape pictures using our playdough.

We will be having a virtual dough disco every Wednesday at the start of the zoom session. Here is our simple, non-cook playdough recipe for parents to make playdough at home for children to use:

  • 1 cup of salt
  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • 2 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • 2 cups of boiling water
  • Food colouring or powder paint (if you want a colour)

Mix all the ingredients together, adding the boiling water last. Keep mixing until it all comes together and forms a ball. Have fun!

W/B 4th January 2021

During our Remote Learning this week we really enjoyed seeing all our friends for the first time since the Christmas Break via zoom. Our challenge was to draw or paint pictures of our favourite Christmas presents.

Also this week, the children have been introduded to 'Fred Frog' during a zoom session. He is going to be very important for our upcoming phonics work. On Friday 8th January, Fred played a game to teach us about oral blending and segmenting. Here are some other ideas to continue these activities at home.

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